Welcome to my site!  Music is my passion, and through it I try to touch people's lives.  Sometimes I try to make you laugh, sometimes cry, maybe dance, or chill...but I always aim to pull out the deepest emotions from your heart, and make you feel something as you listen.

I love playing jazz; everything from the early 20's to current artists, in all styles, shapes and sizes! Slow ballads with beautiful lyrics, especially songs of loves lost and found, are where I find myself closing my eyes and letting the music tell it's story.  Each time I play, I hope something new and unprecedented turns the song into a fresh experience, with sounds you and I haven't heard before.

I enjoy all styles of music, and have played everything from blues, country, rock, folk, world, experimental, and everything in between.  Hey, I love polkas!!  I started playing in my dad's polka band many moons ago, and it was him who sent me off into the music world.  Thanks dad!

On my musical journey, guitar, percussion and other woodwinds have become a part of my music making.  I also sing and write songs, when the feeling hits without warning.  In 2008, my first album, Over Austin, appeared as a mixed bag of folk, jazz and experimental music.  In 2015, I produced an album of Christmas songs compiled of live and studio recordings, on sax, flute, guitar, and vocals. This album showcased both traditional and modern Christmas music.  Many of these songs are nostalgic to me as I sang them in my church choir as a child.